Sunday, February 11, 2007

Sunday Morning

93 pages of my novel -wahoo! We've got a raging forest fire set by greedy arsonists, a robbery at an animation gallery, a traumatized chef, a basketball star-turned- forest ranger, more llamas than you can shake a fist at, and stowaways. What I need now is flesh to make the bones a little less hideous to look at. Creation is a tough thing, though the Bible said mud was necessary. Maybe what's missing from my book is mud.

We went to Tommy Bahamas (is it possessive or plural? I don't recall) last night, and now I am writing my future self this note: it's not that good, Kati. It's expensive (extraordinarily so) and uber-crowded, and the food isn't worth it. You can tell alot about a place by its bread. Tommy's has floury rolls.

Side note: My cousin Carissa is the cutest kid in the world. Someday I will post a picture of her and you will all throw your children away and try to kidnap her because she is simply too adorable for words.
But don't. That would be wrong.

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-- Woody Allen