Sunday, February 25, 2007

Coming on Monday: Still Oscarring

11:51pm A stupid blue satin vest and pants, and some weird dark shirt underneath. I think she got dressed in the dark.
Ellen tries to cut the Oscars off early. Sigh. Fails.
11:52pm My favorite non-Dustin Hoffman! He seems a bit out of it, though. Capote feels like ages ago, doesn't it?
11:54pm And the Oscar goes to... Helen Mirren. Right. Yawn. Congrats. You have a nice dress. You look good. You did a great job in a boring film. But, honestly... "I share my gold star with..." Judi Dench gets the gold star line, not you! Not you!
11:55pm Hairstyle joke!
11:56 pm Oh, I thought QE2 was going to pop up for a moment there. Now that would have been cool.
Hey, look, it's an interpretive shadow dance gun with which to kill myself.

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