Sunday, February 25, 2007


10:16pm The interpretive stuff makes me want to gouge my eyes out. With interpretive forks. Just saying.
10:17pm A Mastercard commercial with the guy who played Pelosi, Leah Remini's father, on Saved by the Bell, you know, in the episodes where they worked at a beachside resort!
10:21 pm I would watch my own innards get removed if Robert Downey Jr. was involved. Just saying. Can't wait for Zodiac.
10:22 pm I just realized that since he lost, Eddie Murphy actually is a psychic. Which would you rather be, a psychic or an Oscar winner? Let's wait to ask Helen Mirren... "Four blind kids from the Bronx" took me a minute.
10:25pm They just cut to Sacha Baron Cohen in the foreign film presentation. Because he's British? That kid in The Tin Drum looked like the Malcolm in the Middle kid. Frankie Muniz. That's it. Cinema Paradiso is the GREATEST film.
10:28 pm I'm ashamed at how few of these I've seen. I did see Indochine though and The Sea Inside and some others.
10:29 pm Clive's working it. Please be Pan's. Please be Pan's. How could it not?
10:30pm NO!!!!!!!!! Bloody hell. Even Cate seemed surprised. Guillermo, you'll always be numero uno in my book.

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-- Woody Allen