Sunday, February 25, 2007

Huh? Oscars

9:40pm So I guess they'll do all the Dreamgirls songs at once?
9:42pm If I hadn't decided to blog the Oscars, I could have gone to the Sarasota outdoor screening of the Oscars. For free.
9:42pm The "recycled" joke. Not so good.
9:44pm Sigh. Monster's House was so cool. Happy Feet scary as all get out. And George Miller puffed up and dressed just like his characters. I'm officially disturbed.
9:45pm BEN AFFLECK! I just rented Hollywoodland. Where's Matt? They both won the Oscar for Best Screenplay. I think they should present this together. Though I've been advocating surgically attaching them together for a long time.
9:46pm Love the writer montage. "Romeo and Ethel, The Pirate's Daughter" is my favorite play. "It's as if my quill is broken." Typewriter through the window. "The stage directions were lucid. Best I've ever seen." OK, it was utterly inappropriate for Diane Keaton's bit to be in there.
9:49pm Tom Hanks is looking swank. Good. I was getting worried.
9:50pm Why did he just pronounce "excerpt" like that? Only Helen Mirren can make the long whole Borat title sound respectable. Children of Men. Please! Two priests and a nun -- sounds like a joke. OK, I won't be upset if Monahan wins.
9:52pm Yeah, Monahan! Go Irish!
9:54pm That lullaby was bitchy.

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