Sunday, February 25, 2007


8:55pm Uhuh, now I think these are the "three amigos". "No arms, no legs, teaching gang-bangers Hamlet." Sounds good to me.
8:57pm Who else but Will Ferrell has more hair on his head the older he gets?
8:58pm PL! I'm feeling a sweep!
9:00pm I wish I had seen the animated shorts.
9:01pm Little Smith makes a boo-boo, but it's all good. "That probably wasn't the right line anyway." Watch out, Will. Your kid's got "it" in spades.
9:03pm Short, get it? The kids are short! I guess asking Peter Dinklage would just have been rude.
9:05pm What's-his-face of "West Bank Story" is cute.
9:06pm I don't know exactly what you were expecting of this liveblog. If you don't like it, check out: -- they have approx. 70 people doing the same thing as me.

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-- Woody Allen